In his Music Choice ‘The F Word’ interview — with the “F” standing for “Fame,” as opposed to that other “F” word – Justin Bieber revealed that he is a polygamist. Well, in theory, that is!

The Biebs shared that he gets marriage proposals every day and being the people pleaser and Belieber pleaser that he is, he tries to accept as many as possible. “I am married to over, like 1,000 girls,” Biebs said in his chat. Adorbs, right?

Um, we wonder how his longtime lady love Selena Gomez feels about this. She is probably very supportive of her man and his love for his devoted fans. That’s what makes her SUCH a good girlfriend and the perfect choice for the Biebs.

The singer also said that he will keep certain parts of his life personal and that he is not perfect, so people can expect him to make mistakes in public. What a mature ‘tude!

The Biebs also spoke about having a charitable component to what he does, and that he loves hearing his fans, who may have had cancer and gone through chemo, say that his music helped them through the tough times.

He also shared that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, fame-wise, and that “I don’t let the lights rattle me.” He also vowed not to let himself get cocky and to remain as normal as possible. While some haters might think he is beyond cocky, at least the teen is self-aware.

So Beliebers, if you’ve got 12 minutes, indulge in this chat with Biebs!