Justin Bieber did quite a bit on tonight’s (April 17) episode of ‘The Voice.’ He bounded on stage in a blue leather jacket and white kicks to premiere a clip of the ‘Boyfriend’ video and to reveal that ‘Believe’ will drop on June 19. There we have it: a confirmed date for one of the most anticipated albums of 2012. We are psyched. But wait, there’s more!

The Biebs also confirmed that he will indeed be performing ‘Boyfriend’ for the first time ever on live TV on the Season 2 finale of the show in three weeks. So now we have something else to look forward to in addition to seeing who is crowned the winner of the second season, following last year’s winner Javier Colon.

Before world premiering a clip of the ‘Boyfriend’ vid, as opposed to the whole shebang, he said, “I think you guys are going to love the video but I can’t show the whole video.” Foiled! Rats! When, Justin, when will we see all of ‘Boyfriend?’

The opening minute of the clip showed grinding gears, melting ice and a hat-wearing silhouette of Bieber, standing in front of the moon. He was illuminated from behind, a la Michael Jackson. He’s also shown whispering the lyrics of the song in an Asian girl’s ear. It’s a grown up and sexy version of the Biebs, that’s for sure.

The image of female hands rubbing all over his chest while he sings is almost too adult for us to handle, as they paw at him. But he’s becoming a man and is no longer a boy. We have to accept it.

We also see the moonlit Biebs playing guitar, too.

To be continued when the full video drops!