Justin Bieber‘s stylish dad Jeremy — and we can see the facial resemblance — went shopping at the mall for his son’s 18th birthday present and filmed the whole shebang. Wearing a knit cap, white tee and dark rinse jeans, all the while showing off his tats, Papa Biebs hits high end shops like Louis Vuitton and chowed down on noodles at the food court, since all that shopping made his tummy rumble. He was facing a quandary, since the Biebs has fame, fortune, gaggles of screaming girls worshiping at his altar: What do you get the guy who has everything?

That’s a toughie, right?

Well, Papa Biebs hit Gucci, Burberry and Victoria’s Secret, coming up empty handed.  We’re sure Biebs was not interested in a pair of pink panties, which the senior Bieber  looked at while in Vicki’s!

Exacerbated, he asks, “What do you get this kid? I need a drink.”

He’s outside, on the phone and brainstorming. He whispers, “I can’t get him that, his mother will kill me.” One can only surmise that someone suggested something, uh, adult.

So what’s did Mr. Bieber get? Something incredibly sentimental. He had JB’s initials tattooed on his side. What a sweet tribute!

We even get to watch Papa Biebs get inked in the chair.

A message posts on the screen, with dad telling his young son that he is one step closer to manhood.

Watch Justin Bieber’s Dad Get Tattooed