Karrueche Tran gets naked and raw on the cover of Rolling Out magazine, addressing the headline heavy love triangle between herself, former boyfriend Chris Brown and Rihanna in very vague and generic fashion. She talks in generalities and doesn't really say much, like how Breezy told her he was leaving her for RiRi or anything like that. You know, the stuff we really care about and want to know.

"It was very hard," Tran said about dealing with the constant media attention surrounding ChRihanna, and therefore, her. "I try my best to just ignore the negativity, which is hard for me because it's a lot to deal with. But I try to keep a positive mind and stay strong and not put energy into it."

Tran also said it was tough to deal with the misconceptions fostered by the press, which often paints her and the 'Diamonds' singer at odds and dissing one another, and assume that every ambiguous tweet is an arrowhead pointed at one another. "People only see you in blogs and they think they know everything about your life. There are things that go public and everything that comes out is not the truth," she mused.

Well, that goes without saying. But it's not like Tran offered any hard or concrete details about how things really are. We wish she'd have said something a little more specific, but she didn't.

"Honestly, all I want is happiness. There was a lot of dysfunction and negativity. I just want to be happy," she said about splitting with Brown, only to have him quickly reunite with RiRi. "I hope people can learn from my story. I want to be remembered as someone who remained positive through such a negative situation. Regardless of what you're put through or what is going on in your life, keep a positive spirit. That will help you get through it."

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