Soon-to-be tour mates Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves have more in common than just two "K" names, a wealth of talent between them and the fact that they both broke out of conservative backgrounds.

"I think [we're] a cool pairing because we're both very whimsical in our own ways, but I think at heart we're both songwriters and I think that's really cool," country singer Musgraves tells Billboard in a BTS vid for the ladies' upcoming cover.

"When I first heard Kacey's song 'Merry Go Round,' … I instantly connected with her," Perry said of Musgraves. "She struck a chord in me, and with my own songs, I always try to strike that same chord in everyone else."

"I feel like we have the same eyes," the 'Dark Horse' singer continued. "Not in the physical sense, but in a way of perception."

The two singers have already had time to bond, recording a song together for Perry's record 'Prism' (though it ultimately didn't make it on the album), performing at the upcoming CMT Crossroads special and soon they will be hitting the road together, as Musgraves will start opening for Perry on the Prismatic World Tour in August.

It's a good thing that they're so close -- otherwise, it may make the whole quick costume change just a little bit awkward. In fact, Perry has already seen Musgraves naked "a couple of times," the country singer confirmed. "And it won't be the last."

And as for what fans can expect on the tour, it's looking like the pair have several duets planned up their sleeves.

"For me, you could just put all your songs in a hat and just grab any of them and I would love to f--ing sing any of them," Musgraves told Perry. Says Perry: "We're doing that on tour," revealing that the two will definitely be duetting on Perry's 'Thinking of You.'