Are Katy Perry and her beau John Mayer moving at a breakneck pace? Yeah, they are, if you believe the rumors that suggest Perry is looking to settling down and start hearing the pitter patter of little feet -- and that she has been bitten by the need to nest.

According to More (quotes via Oh No They Didn't!), Perry and Mayer are getting serious, with Perry looking to shift her focus from career-dominated to family-oriented. Remember, a similar story had legs when she was married.

But now that she's settling in with Mayer, she's even added a few pounds to her curvy frame.

"John has given her the confidence to jump out of the rat race," a source shared. "With John, she feels like herself. She wants to nest. She's gained a few pounds, is taking a much-needed break from work and perhaps is even getting her mind and body ready for pregnancy."

That's gotta sting for Perry's ex, comedian Russell Brand, who had intimated that they divorced because he waned to start a family but she did not.

Brand told Howard Stern in a radio interview this summer that "I was really, really in love with her, but it was difficult to see each other ... we were together when it was right to be together, and when it wasn't we worked it out ... It was a lovely relationship ... it mostly didn't work for practical reasons.”

He also said, “She’s young, successful and dedicated. You can’t fully understand it until you do it. I was really into the idea of marriage and having children."

Mayer, on the other hand, is the male Taylor Swift – a serial dater who likes to talk about his relationships. While T. Swizz does so in the vehicle of song, Mayer does it in magazine interviews. The real question here is if he wants to take the plunge and commit to Perry on a deeper level, like with a kid and all.

The insider said, "John really likes the fact that Katy is so independent and not needy and clingy like the other girls he's dated. This is the first time John's felt so strongly about a girl. She's played her cards perfectly. They really do bring out the best in each other. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he proposed.''

Well, if Perry and Mayer decided to procreate and he puts a baby in her, they will likely increase their chances of populating the world with a talented tot, given its musical DNA.

PopCrushers, should Perry and Mayer take that next step and start a fam?

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