Katy Perry was the couch guest on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ last night (June 25), promoting her movie ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me.’ She revealed she is excited about her soon-to-be-clear schedule, her obsession with all things Japan and her sister Angela’s banishment from the Perry home during their youth. While Perry grew up in a strict Christian home, things were never, ever dull, despite not being able to listen secular music or watch TV.

First, the singer, who doesn’t recognize a lot of the jams of her generation since she was denied access to non-Christian music, said she is looking forward to Aug. 1, when she has nothing on her docket. She joked about wanting to put her well-manicured finger on a spinning globe, choose a random location and actually going there. Perry joked about aspirations to be a hunter and a gatherer off the grid for a hot minute when the talk show host brought out a globe. She spun it and landed on Brazil. Maybe they’ll be seeing Perry in a bikini in South America soon.

KP also revealed her obsession with Japanese people and culture, which developed as a result of her parents taking in Japanese exchange students when her sister was banished from the family home after taking a five finger discount on some lingerie at Macy’s.

Whoa. What?

“I am obsessed with Japanese people,” Perry said. “I love everything about them and they are so wonderful as human beings.”

Wait, there’s more.

She continued, “The reason I am really obsessed is because my sister, who is in the film, you see, she is the angelic figure. She is perfect and sweet. Really, she has sinned once in her life. That one sin got her kicked out and [she] moved to Arizona, because she stole a bra and panties set at Macy’s. So she had to go live with another family for a minute, so my parents had another room.”

That room was used to host the foreign students.

See what we mean about life being interesting in the Perry home despite the lack of fun stuff like TV and tunes?

Perry recalled that she wanted to borrow the exchange student’s clothes, but they were weirded out by that. The singer doesn’t keep contact with her former boarders, joking that they would make fun of her, saying, “I’m so obsessed I want to skin you and wear you like Versace.”

That statement could seem inflammatory and perhaps not PC to some, but when taken in context, we totally pick up what Perry plunked down.

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