Oops! Katy Perry had quite the wardrobe malfunction in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week. While perched on her hotel balcony, wearing a marigold mini-dress, Perry inadvertently flashed her lady parts to fans below. A paparazzo with a telephoto lens managed to grab images of Perry’s private parts.

At first look, we thought Perry’s dress, which boasts cut outs on the breast panel, backfired by showing off her famous “girls.” Her twins are popping out of that dress, but that was the least of the ‘Wide Awake’ singer’s worries. While the opp for a nip slip certainly presented itself thanks to the design of the top, the short hem was really the problem.

We’re not going to criticize the fashionable pop diva’s decision to wear a short and sexy frock. In fact, we encourage it. It’s pretty creepy that a pap used a super strong lens to take such invasive shots of Perry, seemingly unbeknownst to her. Icky with a capital “I.”

On a positive note, how are you guys feeling about Perry’s latest hair hue? She seems to have gotten past the blue, pink and purple shades she rocked throughout 2012 in favor of a return to the rich, shiny, midnight black that she sported when she first burst on the scene. The angled, chin-length bob is so flattering for her face shape, too.

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