The U.K. has embraced former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland as its own. She should apply for dual citizenship! Rowland is a megastar across the pond, serving as a judge on ‘X Factor‘ and regularly gracing the covers of U.K. magazines like Cosmo. Next up? The January 2012 issue of Marie Claire.

Kel’s sexy, skin-hugging style always comes into play when she poses for publications. She is wearing a short, silvery, metallic shift on the cover, with her hand perched on her hip. Her signature stick straight hair and bangs frame her pretty face, and the rest of the super sexy spread follows suit. It features the singer in a variety of come hither poses.

In the spread, Rowland is pictured kneeling on an antique and expensive looking marble-topped table in poofy-skirted, black, ballerina dress with killer heels. Rowland is also wrapped in a flowery, magenta confection that mimics rose petals. She likes things short, textured and made of atypical fabrics and materials. Who needs cotton or jersey when you can have metals and petals?

In her chat with Marie Claire, she talks about her friend Beyonce‘s pregnancy, saying that seeing Bey’s baby bump isn’t causing her own maternal clock to tick like a bomb. She can’t envision that whole birthing process thing. “I will babysit and change a diaper or two, and then give it back. I do want kids, but every time I think about a little person growing inside of me and getting bigger and bigger and then having to come out…. a watermelon coming out of something the size of a lemon is insane to me,” Rowland said.

Rowland also mused about her role on the oft controversial reality show ‘X Factor,’ saying the show is as real as it gets. She said, “What I like is that it’s very organic. What you see is what you get. Nothing is fake. We’ll agree, we’ll disagree and sometimes we have to agree to disagree.” She probably learned those interpersonal skills as a member of Destiny’s Child.

Rowland also opened up a bit about reuniting with her estranged father, which is set to take place over the holidays. She said, “I’m nervous as hell. I don’t want to think about it. We’ll see what happens.” Good luck with that, Kel!