Kesha arrived on the scene as a brat, but beyond her gloriously troublemaking, Auto-tuned rapping about drinking and messing around ’til the sun comes up, she established herself as a record-breaking artist. But with her new album ‘Warrior,’ her one goal was for people to hear that she can sing her you-know-what off.

The label came up with tons of strategies for pricing and positioning ‘Warrior’ as Kesha began the promotional run with ‘Die Young.’ But we know you really want to know how Kesha approached her high expectation-loaded new album: She made the edgy and artistically daring choice not to retread her past. She turned her back on the tricked out, studio-treated vocals that she established her voice with and brought in guitars.

“I got really sick of people saying that I couldn’t sing, because I can do very few things confidently in my life, and one of them is that I can sing,” she said.

Kesha almost turned ‘Warrior’ into a rock album since she was tired of being called “processed.” She pulled back on that plan when she started seeing the reviews saying she could sing. So she did her job. With ‘Die Young,’ the first single from ‘Warrior’ embedding itself in the brains of her animals and radio programmers, Kesha is proving that she is not a fluke.

She is back after a much needed-break, which makes RCA happy. Why? Well, her label needed her and her sales figures and projections to make their bottom line.

“I had the label breathing down my neck to come back and make a new record, and I kind of had to tell everybody to f— off for a month,” the no-holds-barred singer told Billboard. It was time for Kesha to take a minute off. Heck, she earned it.

She continued, “I needed to get my head back on straight and sleep in the dirt for a little while. And then I came back and have literally been working on my record ever since.”

Her A&R rep Rani Hancock sung her praises, saying, “She has an amazing voice and having been out on the road like she has, her voice has opened up from what it was previously. She really can sing her a– off. I think that she had a bad reputation, and her bad reputation was not justified.”

That bad rep has been eradicated by No. 1 singles, top-selling digital downloads and hit songs that she co-writes. Kesha is no joke nor is she a flash in the pan, although she may enjoy flashing her boobies for shock, which is why we love her unconditionally.

See Kesha’s voodoo-style Billboard cover here.

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