Kesha has a problem with commitment in her latest leaked song, 'What the Hell Is Wrong With Me.'

"What the Hell is wrong with me / I really would like to be sweet but / Once I'm with you it's just so boring / Maybe I'm just ADD," she laments. "What the Hell is wrong with me / All I really want's a boyfriend / Someone I can hang with / Go to the park and just hold hands with / But when Prince Charming tries to call me / I won't pick up the phone." Let's be real, if any girl on this planet would have that problem, it'd be the Cannibal Queen, who has a reputation -- an admitted one -- of being a maneater.

The track was written by Kesha, her mom Pebe Sebert and J.J. Appleton, who also produced.

It was believed to be an outtake from 'Warrior,' but was recorded for 'Animal.' The facts back that up: It has a rollicking vibe, but features the very Auto-Tune the singer promised wouldn't be on 'Warrior,' as well as more of the bratty sing-rap that characterized her earlier efforts.

As for 'Meet Me,' only a snippet is currently online, and this sounds much more like the vibe she created for 'Warrior.' The clip is ethereal, primal and features the 'C'Mon' singer actually singing, this time about the perils of adulthood: "Sometimes I feel like I'm growin' up," she wails. "And somehow / The magic's turned to dust / And I don't, no I don't like / And I'll die trying to fight it."

Sounds like the same girl who sang about creepy old men on 'Dinosaur' has some Peter Pan issues of her own -- but they sound pretty awesome.

Listen to a Snippet of Kesha, 'Meet Me'

Listen to Kesha, 'What the Hell Is Wrong With Me'