It looks liked Kid Cudi is back on his rap grind with his just-released track ‘Just What Iam.’ It’s a personal track of sorts with longtime collaborator King Chip (aka Chip Tha Ripper) chipping in (excuse the pun) with a dope guest verse.

Produced by Cudi, himself, the song boasts a thumping beat and spacey keyboard synths. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper robotically sings on the chorus, “I need to smoke / I need to smoke / Who gonna hold me down now / I wanna get higher ya’ll, whoaaa,” he warbles through a vocoder.

King Chip comes through with some quotable weeded-out lyrics. “N—a don’t be worry about us / neighbor knockin’ on the door asking can we turn it down / I say, ‘aint no music on’ / She said, ‘no that weed is loud,’” he spits.

Cudi, on the other hand, gets personal with his verse as he self-reflects on his past troubles and worries about raising his two-year-old daughter in a world that he believes is not safe. “In my spare time punchin’ walls f—in’ up my hand / I know that s— sounds super cray / But if you had my life you’d understand,” he raps. “But I cant fold, some poor soul got it way worse / We’re all troubled, in a world of trouble / It’s scary to have a kid walk this earth.”

‘Just What Iam’ is expected to appear on Cudi’s new album ‘Indicud,’ which he says is inspired by Dr. Dre‘s classic LP ‘The Chronic 2001.’ The collection will feature guest appearances from Kanye West, Jaden Smith, Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar and others.

And if there’s anybody who thinks that Kid Cudi is not serious about his music, you have been warned. Cudi tweeted, “‘Just What I Am’ was designed for replay button rape. Enjoy and live it!Good day to all.Maintain,” followed by, “anybody and i mean anybody who’s dropping any new music from here on out better step their shit up. I’m slitting throats.” Tell us how you really feel!

Listen to Kid Cudi, ‘Just What Iam’

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