Kid Ink and Chris Brown have teamed up for Kid's 'Show Me' track and video and PopCrush has the inside scoop, thanks to this behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot. Guess who we're sharing it with? PopCrushers, Kid Ink fans and Team Breezy, of course!

The video was shot in L.A. and directed by Breezy himself. It features pro-skaters Terry Kennedy, Nyjah Houston, Fuzzy and Stevie Williams.

The two-and-a-half minutes of BTS footage captures the major house party that takes place in the video, where everyone is turnt up. There's dancing, hot babes, beverage cups in hands and lots of good times being had. Oh, there's even a bulldog riding a skateboard. It's a dose of cuteness in an otherwise sexy video. It's also an insider's look at what went down on the set. So pretend like you were there, bro'ing down with Kid Ink and Brown!

Breezy closes out the clip at 3AM, giving his boy Ink a shout out.

The official vid doesn't land until this Sunday, Nov. 10 on MTV2 and Monday, Nov. 11 via VEVO, so why not enjoy this sneak peek, pull-back-the-curtain footage with us?

Check out the photos from the set, too.

Even in still form, Breezy and Kid got the moves!

Born Original

Look how into their work they are when looking at the footage on the screen. Intense, right?

Born Original

Check out Kid Ink! Looking good.

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