Kings Of Leon are the Kings Of Burnt-Up Buses this morning, unfortunately.    Apparently the sex is not the only thing on fire.   Good news is that everyone in the band's ok - here's the story of what happened:

Before Kings of Leon could even woo their fans in London with their hit 'Sex on Fire,' their tour bus went ahead and caught flame first. According to BBC News, 60 firefighters battled a nasty fire that burnt up the Tennessee-based rock group's tour bus in London's O2 stadium Tuesday morning at 8:18 AM. Ambulance crews treated six unnamed victims from excessive smoke inhalation while the entire venue was evacuated after the fire began, according to a spokesman in the report.

According to O2's website, the fire has been controlled and the stadium crews have begun to load up the stadium's equipment for the show, but are still assessing further damages.