Lady Gaga performed a little bit of 'Ratchet,' her rumored collabo with Beyonce and Azealia Banks after her iTunes Wireless performance (Sept. 1). And still Banks, whose 'Red Flame' collabo with Gaga was dropped from 'ARTPOP,' continues to diss Ma Monster on Twitter. Really, shouldn't Banks be working on her long-gestating album instead of starting tweet heat and getting bitter on Twitter with someone who has supported her? It's a bad look for her.

Last week, Banks took aim at Gaga over her mermaid motif, something Mommy Monster has been playing with since 2011 and which also caused that theatrical dame Better Midler to be miffed. Banks referenced her own mermaid balls, but really, is the mermaid concept trademarked? No, it's not. Ladies, ladies, ladies!

The latest passive-aggressive round of tweeting -- largely engineered by Banks -- is here. It involves some pictures and lots of references to fashion.

Banks then shared this photo on Instagram.

Gaga's response! Ooooh, burn!

Lastly, listen to the snippet of 'Ratchet' below. It's short, but it could further stoke these raging flames.

Listen to Lady Gaga Rap on 'Ratchet'