New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is quite the savvy politician and boyfriend. The mayor, who shared a smooch with Lady Gaga on New Year’s Eve since he invited her to push the button to drop the ball on Times Square at midnight, was quite diplomatic when asked about what it was like to kiss Gaga. He said that Gaga’s lips don’t compare to those of his girlfriend. Of course, he had to say that!

Bloomberg, 69, said, according to the Associated Press, that he would be “remiss” if he didn’t say “the best kiss of the night came after that,” courtesy of his longtime girlfriend Diana Taylor. Bloomberg also downplayed the liplock with the Mother Monster, pointing out that Gaga, 25, is nearly the same age as his daughter Georgina. Guess the mayor is not a big fan of the ol’ May-December romance?

All kidding aside, the mayor asked for it by offering Gaga, a native New Yorker, the chance to push the button at midnight. Sharing a kiss at the stroke of midnight is as much as a NYE tradition as the ball dropping itself. Plus, there are plenty of little monsters who’d love to have the chance he got to kiss the Mother Monster.

He should have said that kissing Gaga was the greatest experience of his entire life to help curry favor from Manhattan-dwelling little monsters, right? That would have been even more politically savvy.