Lady Gaga hopped aboard the Gaga Express to help Lisa Simpson get her groove back on last night’s (May 20) season finale of ‘The Simpsons.’ Little Lisa was voted the least popular student at the assembly, which moves her to tears. Gaga, whose mission in life is to lift spirits, senses Lisa is in distress, so she heads for Springfield. She also wore nearly 20 outfits during the episode. We tried to keep track of her attire, too.

Things get worse for Lisa, as she is busted for anonymously posting that she is a “truth teller” on the fourth grade message board, The Daily Fourth Gradian.

Gaga and her fabulous freighter stop in Springfield for a show. Homer wants to take Lisa, who calls her frown a “straight line of indignation,” to the gig. Gaga proclaims that she wants everyone to love themselves. She senses that someone doesn’t love themselves and it’s Lisa. Mother Monster can read minds.

She heads over to Evergreen Terrace and encounters Ned Flanders, who says one of the second best line of the ep: “I haven’t seen so much skin since shedding season on a snake farm” and tells Gaga that the Bible said the devil would be attractive.

To cheer Lisa up, Gaga assembles a flash mob, calling her “an untattooed little miracle.” Gaga confirms she won’t be leaving until she restores Lisa’s sense of hope. The effort is futile.

Bart shows up to introduce Gaga to her biggest threat: Baby GooGoo, which is Maggie, wearing platforms and pacifier pasties. Gaga then smooches matriarch Marge over cookies and milk.

Gaga arrives at a park, where Lisa is being bullied, in her Grammy egg, with those carrying it chanting, “There is no over the top.” That’s when Lisa explodes, snarling the best line of the ep: “I denounce thee for positing a world where social acceptance and walking on heels are easy.”

Gaga cries her diamond tears and bolts. She calls Springfield her “Waterloo,” when Lisa chases her down after Homer has a talk with her, restoring her confidence in a warped way. Lisa says, “You allowed me inappropriately focus eight years of rage and rejection on you. It was like a great sneeze. I am smart, nice tolerant, funny, but not mean funny and never forget a birthday.” That was the third best quote of the night.

Lisa has to sing in order to be a monster, so she does ‘Lisa Simpson Superstar.’ It’s a cute ode to the things she likes, with an assist from the Mother Monster.

When the much-maligned Moe asks Gaga to help boost his self-esteem, she states, matter-of-factly, “I’m not that good.”

Season over!

We valiantly tried to keep track of all of Gaga’s outfits. Here’s what we came up with!

The blue hummingbird dress; the Grammy statue dress; the fire-shooting Bra;  the green train conductor/military style outfit; the Gaga robe with a “G” emblem; the Gaga hoodie and jeans (her “incognito outfit, which has her name in flashing neon lights on the back); the meat dress; the midriff-baring coat and skirt; the blue jumpsuit; the ‘Big Finish’ dress, with those words sewed on the front; the shredded blue and white dress; the dance rehearsal outfit, where she tells her dancers not to drink soda and get gassy; and the dominatrix suit, which was designed with crosses and which she wore to meet the Pope.

Gaga doesn’t tone it down for the Pontiff.

Big props to Gaga for letting the writers have fun with her persona, for letting them riff on her a bit and for taking part in a highly entertaining episode.

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