The Simpsons is one of the most iconic televisions ever. It currently holds the record of being the longest running American sitcom and also the record for being the longest-running American scripted prime-time television series in terms of seasons and number of episodes.

It's only right that Wyoming should be been mentioned, at least once, over the last 30 years. As far as our research has uncovered, in addition to Homer mentioning he wanted whipped cream on his Wyoming, Miss Wyoming was featured on the show twice.

The first time was in the fourth episode of season 23 (shown on the above video at about the 40 second mark). That episode was titled "Replaceable You". The second time (shown below at about the 31 second mark) was the thirteen episode of season 23, titled "The Daughter Also Rises".

While surely not the best depiction of Wyomingites on the small screen, it's certainly not the worst either.

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