There are several comedians that have included Wyoming jokes into their routines, but none quite like this gentlemen.

Michael Yo is an actor, comedian, television host, and so much more. He is also bi-racial, being of African-American and Asian decent.

Last month (November 8th, 2022), he posted a Reel to his official Instagram account, which featured about a minute of footage from one of his stand up specials. This particular video featured a cute and funny little segment about his wife, who is White and just so happens to be from Gillette, Wyoming.

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The jokes were definitely funny. It's safe to assume that when you're married to a comedian, you have to expect to find your way in his routine from time to time. Literally every comic I have ever seen, clean cut or raunchy, always mentions their significant other, so I'm sure she takes it all in stride.

As matter of fact, this video of her sending their 5-year old son off to school, shows just how silly and fun-loving she can be.

After I got my laugh on, I decided to actually look up his wife. I had to see a close up of this Wyoming woman that he features so often on his social media accounts. Much to my surprise, his wife is none other than Claire Elise Yo (formerly Claire Elise Schreiner), Miss Wyoming 2010!

The couple have two children, a 5-year old son and 2-year old daughter... living proof that love really is color blind.

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