It's one of those stories that you would think could only occur in Florida but, alas, it happened right here in Wyoming.

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Cowboy State Daily recently reported that a Gillette woman has been fined $5 after being ticketed for 'Destruction of Property.'

On Friday, a Campbell County Sheriff's Lieutenant told Cowboy State Daily that an unidentified 90-year-old woman smeared honey on her 59-year-old son's front doorknob in order to "sweeten him up."

Which is awesome.

Sheriff's Lieutenant Paul Pownhall told CSD that mother and son live on the same property, in different houses, and have "regularly been in conflict" over the past several years.

“We were called on Wednesday by the son, who wanted to report his mother had come onto his part of the property and slathered something on his doorknob,” Lt. Pownhall said. “He has cameras on portions of the property, so he could identify that it was his mother.”

Indeed, it was. Also, slathered is a disgusting word.

The sheriff's department spoke with the mother, who admitted to, ahem, slathering honey on the doorknob.

Pownhall said that the department was hesitant to charge the woman with a crime, but that the son insisted something be done to deter his mother from future shenanigans.

“She was issued a citation for destruction of property and the value was $5 for the clean-up,” the lieutenant said. “He was insistent that she be cited.”

Cowboy State Daily confirmed that the son cleaned the honey of the doorknob himself.

When CSD pressed as to the root of the issues between mother and son, Lieutenant Pownhall declined to delve into the details.

“I believe that like any family dynamics, there’s always going to be the potential for conflict,” he said. “I think a lot of it is they’re in such close proximity to each other that if one does something that agitates or irritates the other, then it just goes from there.”

A proper Mother's Day celebration, this was not.

Pownhall told Cowboy State Daily that in his two-decade career, "this is the first-ever honey-related situation he has seen."

And hopefully, now that justice was served, it will be the last.

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