The 23rd season of ‘The Simpsons’ will go out with a bang, as that’s when the episode featuring Lady Gaga will air.

Gaga taped her ep late last summer and just like ‘SNL’ last May, she will appear on a season finale of a long-running comedy show. ‘The Simpsons’ remains the longest airing scripted show on prime time TV, while ‘SNL’ has been airing since 1975, so Gaga has a penchant for appearing on some of the most beloved shows on the small screen.

The Mother Monster’s episode is called ‘Lisa Goes Gaga’ and Gaga factors into the plot as someone who comes to Springfield in order to cheer up little Lisa, who is often the voice of reason on the show.

The Telegraph reports that Gaga has mused about her role on the show, saying, “I play a little bit of a slut. The apple doesn’t fall far from my artistic tree.”

Uh oh. Is Gaga going to be a bad influence on the sweet and wholesome Lisa Simpson? Will she teach her how to dance? Will she whip Bart into shape? Will she give Marge hair tips? Will she eat donuts with Homer? The possibilities are endless.

The exact air date of the season finale of ‘The Simpsons’ has not yet been confirmed, but it should air sometime in May. PopCrush will certainly recap the episode for you, dear reader!

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