In a shocking twist, it has been revealed that Justin Bieber's friend, rapper Lil Twist, 19, was behind the wheel of The Biebs' white Ferrari when a paparazzo was struck and killed by an oncoming motorist. The pap was trying to obtain a photo of the vehicle that was pulled over by the cops.

The photographer has just been revealed as Chris Guerra. He was in his late 20s and moved to Los Angeles last March. He had been assigned to the Bieber beat for several months, and was killed while trying to get images of the singer while his car was pulled over by the cops.

Well, sadly, it was all for naught, as Bieber, 18, wasn't even in the vehicle at the time. He had lent the flashy set o' wheels to his bro Lil Twist, who was driving when it was pulled over.

Biebs and Twist were crashing at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons after returning from a quick trip to Mexico. Twist even posted a photo of him and The Biebs getting ready to celebrate New Year's Eve while wearing swag, swag, swag suit blazers and pouring what appears to be champagne. Neither are old enough to drink legally, mind you. But that didn't stop them from behaving like mini ballers.

That said, neither Bieber nor Lil Twist are at fault for Guerra's death. Guerra had been chasing the Ferrari all day. He crossed the street to try and take a photo of what he thought was The Biebs, but the cops sent him away, claiming he created an unsafe environment. He went to cross Sepulveda Blvd. to return to his car when he was struck and killed. Charges are not expected to be filed against that driver.

What a shame.

UPDATE: Less than an hour before Chris Guerra was killed, he claims he saw Justin Bieber smoking marijuana, according to TMZ.

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