Lil Za, who was often smack dab in the middle of several of Justin Bieber's legal headaches over the past year or so, just caught a huge break.

Za, who was crashed out in The Biebs' former Calabasas crib, just had his felony vandalism charge reduced to a misdemeanor. That charge came when he broke a phone while in jail after being arrested for drug possession when Biebs' house was raided due to Egg Gate.

Still with us?

Za was found with MDMA and Oxycodone, cuffed and hauled off to jail, at the time of the raid. While incarcerated, he threw a hissy fit and broke a phone, adding a felony vandalism charge.

According to TMZ, the L.A. County D.A. has reduced the charge to misdemeanor since the phone was not even worth $400. Vandalized property worth less than $400 is by law a misdemeanor.

Za dodged a legal bullet there. Regarding the drug charges, he may plead guilty to felony drug possession but with a year of good, clean behavior and completion of a drug education course, the charge would be wiped from his record. The "staying out of trouble" is always the hard part in these scenarios.

TMZ also reports that The Biebs will not be charged with felony vandalism in his egg throwing incident, even though he caused around $20,000 in damage to a neighbor's dwelling.

Kids these days…