Lindsay Lohan had two victories this week after a long losing streak: The troubled starlet not only completed a detox at the Betty Ford Center, but she also got one of the seemingly endless lawsuits in which she's embroiled dismissed.

“Lindsay was placed in detox for almost 48 hours,” a source revealed to Radar Online. “She is adapting to being back at Betty Ford and is very receptive to the care plan that has been created for her.”

The insider added, “Her cell phone was confiscated upon admission, but Lindsay will have access to it at some point, because patients are given their electronic devices for a short period everyday, so they can call loved ones. It’s very tightly regulated.”

Lohan also reportedly gets up around 6:30 a.m., completes assigned chores, and doesn't yet have a roommate at the clinic. (Here's hoping whomever she gets bolts her property down.)

Meanwhile, a paparazzo named Grigor Balyan who sued Lohan had his case thrown out of court. Balyan tried shaking the 'Liz and Dick' starlet down after a car in which she was a passenger hit him, injuring his foot. The case wound up being settled on May 2 and is on its way to being dismissed.

However, Lohan's not entirely in the clear. She pretty much blew off every attempt to get a deposition, resulting in a $1,000 fine -- and possibly more, as Balyan's attorneys are still thirsty for another $4,500 in penalties and damages.

Now that she's got good luck charm Shawn Holley on her side again, it's safe to say that money will go to a lawyer -- but it won't be Balyan's.