Did you know Lindsay Lohan had a clothing line? No? Well, that's part of the problem. Neither did anyone else.

A debacle led Linds to file a $1 million suit against D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries, which manufactured the line. But the company is counter-suing, saying her "drug-addled" image cost them $5 million.

TMZ broke the details of the action that was filed in response to Lindsay's original suit. She claims that she inked a deal with D.N.A.M. in 2009 to license her 6126 clothing line (named after Marilyn Monroe's birthdate of June 1, 1926), but the company never paid the licensing fee.

D.N.A.M. tells a different story, saying that try as it might, it could not unload the merch to high-end retailers as planned because of LiLo's rehab stints and her legal woes being televised "like a Greek tragedy." (Which would make Dina and Michael the chorus.)

The apparel company contends Linds' soiled reputation completely tanked the reputation of the clothing line, making it unsellable and leading D.N.A.M. to sue for breach of contract and fraud.

LiLo's attorney in this particular action, Perry C. Wander, tells TMZ:

"The license agreement does not have a morals clause that allows the company to suspend payment for any behavior.  The contract is not in LL's name thus she cannot be held personally liable. The cross claim is therefore frivolous and totally without merit and will be defended vigorously."

We're shocked because that actually makes sense -- which is more than we can say about anything ex-attorney Mark Heller ever said.