Regardless if they knew him or not, Natrona County residents and law enforcement paid their respects to a man who did his duty.

Many people attended the procession and/or funeral for Natrona County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Jerry Clark, who died on Saturday, February 13th from complications from a recent surgery.

The procession went past the Natrona County Detention Center where he worked, and the Hall Of Justice in downtown Casper, which is where the Sheriff's Office is located.

Corrie Cabral was one of those in attendance for the procession, and says she understands many aspects of what law enforcement agents go through.

"I think it is a very unfortunate loss for our community. I think he played a big role in it, as does all of our law enforcement officers. Growing up as the daughter of a law enforcement officer, I think it was a privilege to be able to stand here to witness it, but unfortunately it is a great loss for our community."

The procession wrapped up at Highland Park Community Church, where Lieutenant Clark's funeral took place.

Members of the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, Casper Police Department, Mills Police Department, Evansville Police Department and the Wyoming Highway Patrol took part in the procession.