The latest viral trend of “S— Says” videos have created a host of spin-offs. While some of them don’t quite hit the mark, they are a few that will make you chuckle. One video that caught our eye is the ‘S— Drake Says’ clip, which pokes fun at rap superstar Drake.

In the video, Drake’s lyrics are parodied into everyday conversational settings. Lyrics from ‘Forever,’ ‘Best I Ever Had,’ ‘Headlines,’ ‘Marvin’s Room,’ ‘Find Your Love,’ ‘Proud of You,’ ‘Take Care’ and his latest hit, ‘The Motto’ are used to hilarious effect. Even Drake’s flickering hand is exaggerated in the clip.

The only quibble we have with the video is the guy who is playing Drake doesn’t really embodied the character. For example, Drizzy doesn’t wear shades or a beanie. But props to 21-year-old comedian Yousef Erakat for coming up with a funny idea. We are quite sure there will be more Drake parody videos done by others in the coming weeks.

We still can’t forget Affion Crockett’s dead-on impression of Drake in his ‘Headlines‘ video parody. Most recently, the igneous folks at Ego Trip posted their hilarious ‘Imagine‘ video featuring Drizzy and Common settling their beef and hanging out with each other.

With all of these ‘S— Says’ videos flooding the Internet, we are just amazed that people are still not tired of this s—.

Watch the ‘S— Drake Says’ Video