Come celebrate the freedom to bear arms, Friday, May 29th through Sunday the 31st with the Wyoming NFA Shooters Club, Inc. sponsored  Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot for 2015.

The shoot will benefit The Casper Mountain Volunteer Fire Department. If you have plans to attend, the information you need is below:

Shooting Time: Gates open daily for shooters at 7 AM, 8 AM for the public. Shooting starts daily at 9 AM. Firing line closes at 9 PM on Friday May 29th, 9:30 PM on Saturday May 30th, and noon on Sunday May 31st.

General Admission- $10 each day

$18 for the weekend

Children under 12 free- must be accompanied by an adult

Food vendor onsite

Camping assertional $20 for the weekend (no water onsite)

Hearing and eye protection strongly recommended

Sponsored by Wyoming NFA Shooters Club, Inc.