In preparation for their new album, This Unruly Mess I've Made, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis shared another new song yesterday (January 21). "White Privilege II" serves as a sequel to Macklemoore's previous song "White Privilege," which appeared on his 2005 debut solo album The Language of My World. Listen to the full track, featuring vocals from Jamila Woods, below.

Over the course of the track's almost nine-minute run time, Macklemore raps about racial injustice, #BlackLivesMatter, and the difficulties he faces in deciding whether he has a right to join the cause.

In the second verse, however, Macklemore tackles cultural appropriation within the music industry as part of the growing racial tensions. His main targets? Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea.

"You've exploited and stolen the music, the moment / The magic, the passion, the fashion you toyed with / The culture was never yours to make better," he raps all in one continuous line before name dropping the culprits. "You're Miley, you're Elvis, you're Iggy Azalea / Fake and so plastic, you've heisted the magic / You've taken the drums and the accent you've rapped in / You're branded ‘hip-hop,’ it's so fascist and backwards."

Further down in the comments thread, Azalea continues to prove herself the bigger person, ensuring fans she doesn't give a f--k and signing off with the statement, "people are going to like whoever they want so, let them."

Do you think Miley Cyrus will offer her own response? Weigh in below.

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