Madonna won’t let it go when it comes to Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way.’ Months after referring to Ma Monster’s anthem about being and loving yourself as “reductive” and similar to her own ‘Express Yourself,’ Madge engaged in a live mashup, pairing the two songs side-by-side during her MDNA tour. The gloves remain off, as she recently told a Brazilian TV show, “I’m glad I helped Gaga write it.”

According to, Madge said, “I’m a really big fan of ['Born This Way']. I’m glad that I helped Gaga write it.”

It’s such a b—-slap and quite catty, especially since Madge won’t let it go. Even if her interviewers are the ones stoking the fires and asking the questions, she could choose not to answer. To go as far as to snidely or even jokingly suggest that she’s a co-writer, since she feels the song borrows so heavily from her own, likely won’t sit with Gaga’s camp, which did say that it makes royalties every time Madge sings the song.

For her part, Gaga has taken the high road and refused to address the Material Girl’s continued disses, which reportedly infuriate Madge’s daughter Lourdes, who is a Gaga fan. It’s Madonna who is continually taking verbal pot shots. Madge did once refer to Gaga as talented, but it was hard to discern whether or not she was being sarcastic.

Can’t the pop stars all just get along?

Video of the interview is here, but it’s not in English.

PopCrushers, are you Team Madge or Team Gaga?

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