First she flashed a boob in Istanbul. Then she bared her butt in Rome. Seemed about the only thing left for Madonna to show during her MDNA tour was a little emotion — and that’s what happened in Rome when the Material Girl dissolved into tears while singing ‘Like a Virgin.’

Madonna’s been doing standards like ‘Like a Virgin’ for so long that it’s not surprising she’d change them up however possible to keep them fresh. But the dramatic, piano-based rendition of the song she did in Rome last weekend must have been especially emotional for her, because Madge choked up with tears and needed a moment to compose herself before continuing.

Of course, it could’ve all been for show — these days it’s hard to know if what we’re seeing from the seasoned performer is real or just staged for attention (bare boobs and butts as proof of the latter).

But later in the song, when you see a male dancer pull her so tightly into a corset that it’s a wonder she can even breathe, one has to imagine that maybe the waterworks were the result of knowing that was coming.

Watch Madonna Cry During ‘Like a Virgin’