With Daylight Saving time in effect, there is a chance that some of us were late for work this morning. Also, there is a good chance your dog ate your homework. But, what do you tell your parole officer when you get busted violating parole? Simple! Just tell him you were attacked by a grizzly bear.

A Montana man recently got his 2 year suspended sentence revoked after racking up 3 parole violations. He failed to notify loss of employment, change of residence and just flat out failed to report after the month of August 2016.  He says the reason why was because he got attacked by a bear.

According to the Great Falls Tribune

“He hit me like a Volkswagen with fur,” Boyd told the court. Boyd said he triggered the bear attack after blaring an air horn when it got too close. He claims he spent the next three weeks pulling himself out of the woods with a dislocated shoulder and memory loss.

Boyd added that he also stepped on a hornets nest and had a serious allergic reaction. Yet, he never reported to the hospital for his injuries.

Sounds like a bear-ly believable story to us. Boyd was sentenced to 2 years in jail. But hey, at least he will be safe from anymore bear attacks.

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