After completely owning the box office the last few years with hit movies like Avengers, Iron Man 1 & 2, Captain America & Thor, Marvel Studios is looking to score another big hit with their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy project.

And what better way to ensure you have a hit... add either Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey to the cast. The Guardians are not household names like say a Spider-man or the X-Men, so adding the star power of either actor would obviously boost the hype and give that comedic factor to at least one the characters.

Other actors already vying for a starring role include James Marsden, who already has a few comic book movie appearances under his belt (Scott Summers/Cyclops in The X-Men Trilogy and a supporting role in Superman Returns) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who's seen much success as of late with Inception, Looper and Premium Rush, as well as having a couple of comic book movies to his credit as well (he played Blake/Robin in Dark Knight Rises and Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra).

Can Marvel do it again? Iron Man 3, Captain America 2 and Thor 2 are all also currently in production. Let the comic book revolution begin!!!