Gov. Matt Mead said Wyoming has done a lot for veterans, yet still has a way to go.

"For our veterans -- whether it is what we've done in giving disabled vets an opportunity for hunting, whether it is having them have an easier time moving from state to state and still having the credentials for licensing for whatever career they may have -- we have made improvements," Mead said after the annual Veterans Day ceremony at the Wyoming State Veterans Cemetery north of Evansville.

Wyoming can do more, he added.

"We have the Veterans Home, of course, and that is one of the things that we started to work on last session when I asked for about $60 million for all our state facilities, that being one of them, to see whether or not what we can do better with regard with the facility itself but the programs we're offering in the facility at the veterans home," he said.

"We will continue to put money into that fund for state facilities including the veterans home," Mead said. The Veterans Home is in the former Fort McKinney three miles west of Buffalo.

The state is eyeing a program that would allow service members and their families, if they move to the state within one year of their service, they can take advantage of in-state tuition, Mead said. "We may take a look at that."

The state will continue to celebrate "Welcome Home Day" annually on March 30, whichgives him an opportunity to personally thank service members, he said.

The state will need to address concerns about facilities, too.

For example, the state, with the help of the U.S. Veterans Administration, has spent about $3 million to enhance and improve the Veterans Cemetery, he said.

Mead isn't aware of any specific veterans-oriented bills coming from any legislator or legislative committee for the upcoming General Session, but the state will continue to support veterans programs through general funding programs, he said.

"I'm proud to say this Legislature, not only now but historically, has really been very supportive of our vets and we want to keep that going," Mead said.