The Travel-John! It's an intriguing invention which may cut down on bathroom stops while traveling long distances.

Wyomingites love to hunt fish and camp. This product could be just what you need out in the back country.

When Camping, Hunting, Fishing, hiking or enjoying the great outdoors and there isn't a bathroom around for miles.

What about traveling with older loved ones and kids?

 When You are STUCK in standstill traffic or if the car breaks down and you, your little one or grandpa just can't hold it anymore.

There are many more reasons to invest in Travel-John, here are a few more.

Plumbing goes out....enough said

Healthcare and Senior Care.....people with limited mobility have a hard time getting up to use the restroom. TravelJohn is now being used by healthcare providers and caretakers.

What is the breakthrough that makes this product a must have?

The key to the products' success is in the proprietary LIQSORB® super absorbent polymer pouch. This patented technology transforms liquids into a gel form that not only eliminates offensive odors but is completely biodegradable. It absorbs, deodorizes and disinfects instantly, leaving behind a spill-proof package that can be disposed of in any trash can.

For more information and to checkout other products visit

They are now carried at select Bed, Bath and Beyond Stores nationwide.

Watch an explanation.

There's one for kids too.

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