I've seen some pretty interesting public bathrooms around the world during my military travels, but never something with a view as beautiful as this.

The CCTV IDIOTS Twitter page posted an awesome 50-second video of a public bathroom in Norway that looks like it should belong in a mansion.

This is by the far the fanciest public bathroom I've ever seen. First off, it's clean. It looks spotless. Second, the view is second to none. I'm not one to just hangout in a toilet, but if I was, this one would be it.

Several people were worried where the waste goes, specifically if it was going into the accompanied river. One person tweeted out that that is illegal in Norway, so it would have to either flow into the sewage system or have an external tank.

The only other complaint was privacy. Because of the huge full sized window, folks were worried about the local canoeing team seeing you doing your business. That's a risk I would be willing to take. Not to mention that the glass isn't necessarily 2-way.

All I could I think of while I watched the video (numerous times), was wouldn't it be awesome if we had something like that in one of our many national parks and monuments? We have pit toilets all over the place, which suck to clean (as this video here clearly illustrates). Why can't we just upgrade a few?

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