Sometimes you have days where you just need to vent. I’ve been sick all this week with a sinus infection and bilateral ear infections, really? What 23 year old gets one ear infection, let alone TWO ear infections?! So needless to say I’ve had kind of a lame week, so I’m using it as my excuse to vent! Lets call it Blog-therapy.  Here’s 15 things I totally hate.

I hate when I skin my knee (Melissa Awesome/KISS FM)
  1. I hate it when people make negative comments on Facebook posts. You know, if you don’t like what was posted, just ignore it! My least favorite are when I see someone posted something about a celebrity and then inevitably someone will post “who cares?”  Well that person clearly does and you should probably get over it.
  2.  I hate that everyone is on the ‘I hate Justin Bieber bandwagon.’ They just don’t want to admit the kid has talent!
  3. I hate it when I rock through a radio break and I totally space on the last word of what I was going to say! This is like a metaphor for my entire life, Melissa Awesome the A.D.D. Chronicles…
  4. I hate left laners – those people drive me bonkers!
  5. I hate it when I'm taking my dog out and I trip and fall, skin both knees, my palm, and my hot neighbor is outside laughing...
  6. I hate it that my college makes scheduling classes so complicated! Why do I have to take 15 Math classes? Let’s think about this… how many days outside of school have you used Algebra? Really? No one has ever said, “Melissa, to get this job, you’ll have to factor 553.” Math is the reason I’m in my fifth year of college. If I had passed them all the first time I would have been graduated by now!
  7. I hate it when someone asks you to tell them about yourself and you can think of absolutely nothing… Who am I? I have no idea…..
  8. I love nail polish… I hate it that I inevitability hit something with my wet nails and then they look like crap!
  9. I hate it when someone is gullible and you try to help them to get a clue and they turn on you.
  10. I hate tailgaters…
  11. I hate it when you make a joke and no one gets it, but it’s really funny. Once again, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be me, there ya have it summed up in just a few words.
  12. I hate it when you wait in line for forever and when you get to the register you realize you left your wallet at home, this happened when I was picking up my prescription for my ear infections...
  13. I hate it when you’re watching a show and you want to go to bed, but it ends on a cliffhanger, so you HAVE to watch the next episode, and the next thing you know the sun is up and you have class in two hours.  Walking Dead has caused me some issues.
  14. I hate it when I have two tests on the same day…. COLLEGE PROBS.
  15. I hate it when people use hashtags on Facebook, save that crap for Twitter.

So what are some things that you just totally hate?  Lets vent together!