The 2000's have been a weird few years for music....


I recently found this awesome article on Buzzfeed which listed the top 90 one-hit wonders of the 2000's, it's so weird that we're almost to the halfway point of the second decade in the 2000's! But this is an ode to the first decade!  This list brought up some music I had completely forgotten about, and some songs that I totally loved.  So here are my top-10!

*** No specific order!****

Asher Roth-I Love College

This song came out my senior year of high school, and it's the song my class claimed as our "class song" even though we hadn't been to college yet....

Default-Wasting My Time

Their lead singer is now working on his solo country career and has already had a few hits like, 'Somebody Somewhere', 'Tippin' Point,' and 'Jumped Right In.'  But before he turned country he was the angsty voice of Default. (Totally had this album btw!)


Saving Jane-Girl Next Door

This song came out in 2005 so right at the start of my high school years and this song was SOOOO relatable (speak in valley girl).

Alien Ant Farm-Smooth Criminal

To this day this is still one of my favorite Michael Jackson covers!

Soul Decision-Faded

Unfortunately Soul Decision peaked at the very end of the boy band era, but they still managed to get one #1 in with their song 'Faded'!

Ryan Cabrera- On The Way Down
Seriously, the song of my 2004 Summer lets be honest.

Evan and Jaron-Crazy For This Girl
So much magic.

Michael Franti & Spearhead-Say Hey (I Love You)
This song makes me wish it wasn't so cold outside.

Teddy Geiger-For You I Will (Confidence)
If a guy ever sang this song to me he'd have my heart forever and ever. Plus look at Teddy Geiger, OMG those eyes!

The Darkness-I Believe in a Thing Called Love
One of my all time favorite songs. I'm in love with 80's rock, especially 80's hair metal, it's kind of my favorite and The Darkness totally tapped into their 80's side for this hit from 2003!

So there you have it, in no particular order my top 10 favorite one hit wonders from the 2000's! Whats your favorite?!