Only two NBA games last night, so we take the highlight reel back down to 5. And here they are:

5.) We begin in Portland as Denver's Ty-namite stick, little Ty Lawson gets the lay-up and contact from the giant, Robin Lopez to also get the and 1. Sweet move 1.

4.) Onto Miami where the Lakers' Swaggy P a.k.a. Nick Young gets the steal and the dunk.

3.) Back in Portland, Nicolas Batum gets the alley over to Wesley Matthews who completes the oop play. Where's the "D", Denver?

2.) Back to Miami as LeBron goes coast to coast for his signature tomahawk dunk. Did anyone play "D" last night?

1.) But the top spot goes to the Trailblazers' Damian Lillard for his posterizing dunk on multiple Nuggets defenders.

Damian Lillard, Getty Images