Punches were thrown between fans at the Pepsi Center, near the end of the Denver Nuggets versus the Los Angeles Lakers game last night (Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019).

A Denver sports podcast host, Harrison Wind, posted the video of the short melee to his Twitter account shortly after the game. The video has already amassed over 375,000 views.

During the video, you can see a Lakers fan and his girlfriend exchange words with a Nuggets fan and his girlfriend. It appears the women threw punches first, but the guy in the LeBron James jersey threw a devastating right to the man in the Nuggets jersey, knocking off his glasses.

The game was action packed, but the Lakers held the lead throughout the majority of the night. There has always been tension between the two teams and fans are always on high alert, but it is never good for this type of behavior at games.

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