Lady Gaga’s Bodyguard Takes Out Fan in Romania
Lady Gaga‘s bodyguards mean bidness! One of her hulking protectors took out a Romanian fan seeking an autograph as the Mother Monster was walking through her hotel lobby in hat, heels and a ladylike, black skirtsuit, complete with white detailing and white gloves. She looked prim and proper wh…
Justin Bieber Surprises British Fans in TLC TV Special
Behold the power of Biebs.
When Beliebers Katie, 15 and Penny, 17, came to ITV as part of their studio audience for a Justin Bieber performance, they were elated — and then crushed. The producers told them their tickets were gone and that they had to leave. The girls were visibly distraught, si…
Justin Bieber Is Most Searched Person of 2011
The Beliebers can claim another honor for their beloved pop star. According to Internet search results revealed by Bing, Justin Bieber was the most searched person of 2011. He moved up from his No. 6 ranking a year ago to beat out Kim Kardashian, who fell to No. 2.

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