It’s a slow time for sports fans. The NBA and NFL aren’t in action. Major League Baseball is just slogging through their regular season.

Which is why this is a perfect time to introduce some controversy. Here’s a rundown of the worst sports fans in America, according to GQ:

5. University of Maryland Basketball – Over the past 15 years, because of wins or losses, they’ve rioted. Not cool, people.

4. Oakland Raiders – It’s actually dangerous to attend Raider games. And, many Raider fans think this is awesome.

3. West Virginia University Mountaineers – The school led the nation in intentionally set street fires from 1997 to 2003, lighting up an unbelievable 1,120 blazes.

2 and 1. Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies – Between booing Santa and cheering for Michael Irvin’s injury, they’re known as the meanest fans in America. Congrats, Philadelphia fans. It’s good to be the best at something, right?

If you were to categorize that just in Montana...well that's a whole different story. Look for that coming soon.

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