Lady Gaga‘s bodyguards mean bidness! One of her hulking protectors took out a Romanian fan seeking an autograph as the Mother Monster was walking through her hotel lobby in hat, heels and a ladylike, black skirtsuit, complete with white detailing and white gloves. She looked prim and proper while her bodyguards wrestled the male fan to the ground.

The incident was caught on tape, where the striped-shirt and cap-wearing fan tried to get close to Gaga by bumrushing her through the revolving doors. He was clearly lying in wait for her. The overzealous fan reached out to the Mother Monster and tried to thrust a piece of paper in her face for her to sign, but within a nanosecond, he was smashed against the glass and laid out on the ground by her Secret Service-like security detail.

Gaga was clearly startled and literally taken aback, with her hands in the air in a defensive position. While it’s likely that this big monster (sorry, he’s not little!) was just looking for a brush with fame and a second with Gaga, he came on a little strong and her protectors did what they are paid to do — and that’s protect her and ward off threats. The one beefy bodyguard even put his hand on the small of her back as he ushered her out the front door, post-ambush.

So little monsters seeking an encounter with Gaga, learn the lesson. This is not the way to go about it. Approach with caution.

This vid should also serve as a warning for any PETA member that may be planning approach Gaga in order to flourbomb or paintbomb her at events due to their displeasure over the fact that she has been wearing fur. Watch your backs!

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