Tensions were high at the newly crowned Ball Arena (formerly the Pepsi Center), for game three of the NBA Playoffs of the Denver Nuggets versus the Phoenix Suns.

Considering the Nuggets bench is riddled with injuries, including their star point guard, Jamal Murray, it's somewhat of a surprise that the team's made it this far. Of course, having the reigning MVP in Nikola Jokić definitely doesn't hurt.

Regardless, after Friday (June 11th, 2021) night's game three loss to the Phoenix, tempers flared. A couple of Denver fans got in an argument with a Phoenix fan. Cooler heads did not prevail as punches were thrown.

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So far (publicly), neither the Nuggets organization or Ball Arena officials have commented on the incident. Fan behavior of this type usually ends with all parties involved being banned from future events, for life! Only time will tell how this will play off out. One thing is for sure, having the entire incident on video isn't a good look for either of the parties involved.

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