Jack Harlow has been making a name for himself, hustling on the Hip-Hop music circuit for years, but every since the release of his smash single, Whats Poppin, his stock has gone way up.

From having one of the lead roles in the 2023 remake of the classic 1990's basketball comedy, White Men Can't Jump, to the current success of his new album, Jackman (which is his full first name), to a new music video, titled "Denver".

It's no surprise then that video was shot (at least partially), in Denver and with his basketball connections, it's also not shocking that the music video features Jamal Murray, the starting point guard for the current world champion Denver Nuggets. Check out the video below.

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Harlow has had quite a few songs featured in the NBA, whether on commercials or featured in the background at actual games. As matter of fact, he's even performed in Denver and for other teams as well. Furthermore, he did excellent on court in the during the 2022 Celebrity All-Star Game, showing that he really does have skills.

I've been following the young rapper for some time now (a good three years before his current rise to fame, thanks to his record label head, DJ Drama, sharing his early videos on Twitter/X). I have enjoyed seeing his rise, especially with his actual lyrical talent, which is missing in much of the Hip-Hop world these days, where gimmicky rappers seem to thrive.

The fact that Jack chose this song and shooting it in this city, with one of my favorite players, off my favorite profession team, just makes me love him even more.

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