Just what is going on here? What is this world we live in coming to?

This video was shot on the 4th of July in Downtown Denver, where it appears a man standing next to a Prius with the trunk and driver's door open was firing rifle shots at the Beauvallon Condominiums located on Lincoln Street.

The man taking the shots appears to be about a block and a half away from the condos. The noise in the video, with the shot echoing off all the surrounding buildings, is kind of terrifying.

The Denver Gazette has reported that nobody was hurt in the shooting, but several windows of the building were damaged as the residents and building management, in addition to the police, are seeking the public's help in identifying the man in the video.

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They also reported that there was another shooting at a different residential building downtown later in the day after this video was taken. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in that incident either.

Additionally, they describe another incident in Broomfield over this past weekend where someone who allegedly had taken a shot at a restaurant was arrested. While neither the Broomfield nor Denver Police departments have publicly connected the incidents, the Denver Gazette details the similarities between the three incidents in their reporting.

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