There are few factions of fans as dedicated and devoted as little monsters. They are Lady Gaga‘s disciples and to their credit, we are thinking they may be a bit more overzealous than Rihanna‘s Navy or Demi Lovato‘s Lovatics or even One Direction‘s Directioners. Some lil’ monsters have begun worshipping at a… wait for it, wait it… bush. Whoa. WTF?

According to The Sun, the monsters are worshipping at the this leafy shrine because they believe that the Mother Monster spoke to them via the shrubbery. Just like God appeared to Moses via a bush, Gaga communicates with her fans through the same means. Wouldn’t her Catholic parents be proud?

A video of the bush, located behind the Chateau Marmont in L.A., which is usually crawling with celebs, has gone viral.

In the clip, you can hear “Gaga” telling her fans that she loves them, that she enjoyed her meal and they should now go to bed. It’s a cute exchange and sounds exactly how Gaga speaks to monsters in loving, maternal tones.

Maybe we’re cynical and jaded, but we think this is a hoax that these fans hope blows up online and that Ma Monster’s voice has been taped. We know, we’re sleuths!

The only greens Gaga seems interested in right now is the kind you smoke, not the kind you communicate with!

Watch the vid below and have a chuckle.

See Lady Gaga Fans Worshipping at a Bush

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