Ruh roh. Miley Cyrus was spotted smoking something hand-rolled in Miami. Sorry, but this doesn't look like she is indulging a nicotine fix, either.

We think the former Disney singer/actress doth protest too much, since a previous photo of her taking drags off of something suspicious and surrounded by a cloud of smoke lead her to deny, deny, deny on Twitter.

But these photos, combined with the fact that she has a "smoking strange substance" background – we know, it was salvia, according to the crisis PR machine -- and that she just released a song with pot proponent Snoop Dogg (or Lion, or whatever animal he is channeling via his name today) leads us to believe that this might have been a little Mary Jane.

Photos of Cyrus, 20, spliffing it up -- we think! -- on the balcony of her hotel are splashed all over the media. She looks like she just woke up, since she's rocking a slouchy black beanie in one image and her short and spiky hair has a mini ponytail on the top in another. And she's virtually makeup-free. She's taking hits off a brown blunt and looks to be enjoying it.

Perhaps Cyrus should stop trying to deny and embrace that she enjoys such activity, maybe? She's clearly not trying to keep a lid on it. Standing on a balcony smoking something hand-rolled when you are a favored target of paparazzi is not exactly an attempt at being covert.

It's really hard to deny the activity taking place in these photos. Maybe she just needs this chill and relax, since she's been dealing with all those relationship demise rumors (note her missing engagement ring) and making a new album.

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