Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry will help make Saturday nights even more exciting very soon. Both artists are among those set to appear on 'Saturday Night Live' this season, NBC confirmed today (Sept. 9).

Double-threat Miley will do double duty on the late-night sketch show, both acting as host and performing a pair of musical numbers on the Oct. 5 episode. The show is live (of course), so we can probably expect more headline-grabbing antics from the star.

Katy is the scheduled musical guest on the Oct. 12 installment, with host Bruce Willis. Tina Fey will make her 'SNL' return as host on the show's Sept. 28 season premiere. Musical guests that night will be alt-rock darlings Arcade Fire.

Meanwhile, those rumors saying that Lady Gaga will also host and perform remain just that for now -- rumors.