Miley Cyrus is a pretty awesome sister. Her brother, Trace Cyrus, released a video for his new project, Ashland High. The song, ‘Sippin’ on Sunshine,’ is a summer ditty, and the video features the future Mrs. Liam Hemsworth and her signature top knot.

We see Miley in two different scenes in the video, which hosts a house party. In one, she’s in the kitchen raising a red cup — we’re sure there’s only Sprite in it, though, ’cause Miley’s underage. In another, she hugs her big brother by the pool. Cute! The video appears to have been filmed at Miley’s house. Check out the marijuana spilling out of a medicinal container on a living room coffee table. It doesn’t look like Trace planned for this to air during kiddie hours on MTV, that’s for sure!

As for Trace, he seems to be moving along pretty well from his breakup with Brenda Song, to whom he was engaged. He lays it on thick to a tattooed beauty in the video, but their chemistry is a little awkward, as he seems way more into her than she’s into him. Perhaps she and her Hello Kitty ink are just a little camera shy — or maybe they don’t want to gross out his lil’ sis (though she talks pretty openly about sex with her mom, so maybe she’s cool with it).

The song itself sounds pretty similar to ‘Steal My Sunshine’ by Len, but with quite a bit of Auto-Tune — even in Trace’s spoken word introductions. Here’s hoping he sticks with Ashland High for a while, though, if only for his sake: He has the band’s name tattooed in the shape of a sideburn on his face!

Watch the Ashland High ‘Sippin’ on Sunshine’ Video